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Alcohol-free : is a self explanatory word. We like to express this as a free of spirit yet full of soul content of the grapes.


De_alcoholization : is the art and craftmanship of holding on to the taste of the grapes and all their antioxidants by  extracting only the alcohol content from the wine.

Grapes: are unique depending on their origin. The geographic and climatic features define the taste of the grapes. We blend different varities of grapes to  bring out the true taste in their togetherness.Our sparkling wine is a premium quality cuvé with a true taste of grapes. 

Process:The grapes are carefully selected , pressed , stored and fermented  through the traditional winemaking method. Once the wine is matured alcohol is extracted from the wine using  an artistically sophisticated technique that maintains the aroma of the grapes and de-alcoholizes the wine. Once the wine is  tested for taste and alcohol content it is bottled . Our wines stand out from other non-alcoholic wines as it contains 0,0% alochol. Hence it gets its name " True Zero"

Taste: This is a subjective matter . We would describe our wines as semi-dry cuvé with fresh aroma and true taste of the grapes .A sparkling wine of superior quality. 

Cheering the Bride
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